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Desert Stages Theatre

For some of the most exciting stage performances in the Valley, look no further than Desert Stages Theatre in Scottsdale. Desert Stages Theatre is a 501(c)3 non-profit theater performing quality musicals and straight plays year round. Founded by the late Gerry Cullity and his wife Laurie in 1995, their vision ...

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Studio Movie Grill Scottsdale

When date night rolls around in Scottsdale, you have lots of choices of things to do, but surprising your honey with tickets to Studio Movie Grill is a no-brainer. Studio Movie Grill (SMG) in Scottsdale is part of a much larger shopping center, so there’s no shortage of parking spaces. ...

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Musical Instrument Museum

It has been said that music speaks the international language. It transcends any barriers, brings people together, and you don’t even have to know how to read music to do all these things. Opened April 24, 2010 by founder Robert J. Ulrich, former CEO and chairman emeritus of Target Corporation ...

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iPic Theaters

iPic Theater Scottsdale

There’s nothing like the thrill of going to see a new movie. The excitement, the entertainment, the smell of the hot, buttered popcorn and the journey that the actors on screen take you on. However, when going to see any flick, there is always a hassle and stress factor as ...

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