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When date night rolls around in Scottsdale, you have lots of choices of things to do, but surprising your honey with tickets to Studio Movie Grill is a no-brainer. Studio Movie Grill (SMG) in Scottsdale is part of a much larger shopping center, so there’s no shortage of parking spaces. Once you step inside, you’re greeted by the airy warm ambiance you’d expect from one of Scottsdale’s finest places. You can step up to the box office, and purchase a ticket.

The preferred way to do this though, is online. Before you even get to the theater, take a second to log on and select exactly where you’d like to sit during the show. The website  will show you a map of the theater, and you can choose to sit at a two table seat spot, or a counter seat. Once you’ve reserved your seat, you can relax knowing that no matter what time you get there, you’ll sit right where you want to. Seating for the movie doesn’t begin until about 15 minutes before the show, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get there as early as you like.

Aside from sitting in the lobby, there’s a bar and tables. Step up and take your time perusing the menu. SMG has a full bar, so you have a selection of just about any drink you’d like as well as wine and beer in bottles or on tap. After getting a drink, choose what you’d like to eat. There is a wide selection of food. For something small, try an appetizer of hummus or Tabasco wings. For an actual meal, there’s everything from pizza, to burgers, to salads, and entrees. There are many tasty options. Street tacos, chicken tenders, and sandwiches all grace the menu. For a more traditional snack, popcorn, candy, and soda are all available. If you’re really hungry, the best time to come is on Wednesday when you can pay one price, and then get all you can eat pizza. There are other specials during different days of the week as well. In fact, all week long at SMG there are different events. Besides the regular first run movies, there’s Girl’s Night Out when what some would call “chick flicks” play, there’s Brews & Views for more action oriented “guy movies,” Dollar Movie Classics with titles like Ghost Busters, and even independent films from time to time. Check the website for all the special shows.

If you’re wondering if your kids will like it, fear not! With a selection of kid friendly sodas, and even a kid’s menu, they’ll have just as much fun as you. There’s even a special selection of family movies. Check the times for the animated movies your kids will love. If you have a special needs child, SMG has a special night where kids with special needs and their siblings will get in free as a service to the community. If you plan on seeing a PG-13 or R rated movie in the evening, be sure to get a babysitter for the smallest ones. Kids under the age of 5 are never allowed in after 6 p.m. to any movie with that rating. This makes it nice for the adults to enjoy the show without the disruption of small children. If you’re sitting at the bar, and you realize your movie is about to start, just bring your drink with you. An usher will take your movie ticket as normal, and point you to your theater.

Once inside, find your seat, and enjoy the roomy, leather seat with a counter in front of you, or a table top that swivels back and forth in front of you. If you’re seeing a 3D movie, the ushers will pass out your 3D glasses once you’re seated. You can take the menus with you, so if you get a craving for nachos half way through the movie, or want another drink, all you need to do is push a button. All tables are equipped with a small, red button. Push it, and your server will quietly come in, ask what you’d like, leave and bring it back. The servers are quick and noiseless so you barely notice they’re there. Near the end of the show, they’ll drop off your check and take care of it for you so there’s no waiting to pay at the end. If you’d like to visit the bar to drink or eat after your show, that’s what it’s there for. The theater also offers group rates and entire theater rentals for birthday parties, business meetings, team builders, or whatever need you might have. For such occasions, you may choose to offer a buffet of your choosing instead of individual plates. We love it, and we think you’ll agree that SMG is the perfect movie going experience for date night, or any night.

Studio Movie Grill – A Scottsdale One Feature

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