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With the daily stress of life, we’d love to just run off to the beach. Here in the Sonoran Desert, that’s easier done than said! Planet Beach, a contempo spa in Scottsdale is waiting for you. It’s a place where you can relax, glow, and renew to become the best and healthiest you that you can be. With an extensive range of DIY and automated services, Planet Beach is able to pass the savings on to you giving your wallet a break as well as your mind and body. Planet Beach Scottsdale has the philosophy that spa services are not a luxury, but rather a necessity to keep you feeling your best, and to keep stress levels down. Open seven days a week, even the appointment times are a breeze to make.

When you visit the Beach, the first thing to do is make sure you get a healthy tan. Planet Beach has many options to give you that sun kissed Glow. If you choose UV therapy, take advantage of one of their traditional beds, or a new high pressure UV lounge that will give you a noticeable boost in color. There are many benefits to this option including increased production of the brain’s mood-lifting chemical, serotonin. If you’re worried about the UV rays, there are many sunless options available as well. Choose from Mystic Tan, PB Glow, or the Autobronzer. All are fully automated, and controlled by you. Forget looking like a street cone! Planet Beach makes sure all of their equipment is set just right to make it look like you’re glowing from within. The only option requiring a staff member is airbrushing.

One of the most popular things to do at the Beach is relax. Planet Beach’s Relax options increase blood flow, and melt your stress away in the privacy of your own room. Choose a Hydro or Aqua massage which you control the intensity of while staying fully dressed. The comfortable beds adjust water pressure to leave you kink free. If a hot massage is your wish, then Therasage is for you. Lie back, and let the bed warm away your pain. If you’d rather sit up, ask for the Cyber-Relax massage. This is no ordinary massage chair. It senses your posture and body shape to give you the best experience ever. Of course, sore muscles are only part of what causes discomfort. Stress and anxiety are leading causes of disease. To make this go away, try the personal 02-B Oxygen Bar. It gives you double the amount of oxygen you usually breathe along with plant based aromatherapy leaving you invigorated and refreshed. Jade Fusion is another option allowing you to rest on a bed with Jade stones conducting infrared heat and releasing negative ions. This treatment reduces stress and even cleans pores! Unlike any other spa, you can just let your mind slip away with Guided Meditation. Slip on your insulated headphones, and use the thumb pad to take a self guided meditation session.

Anyone who lives here knows the desert can wreak havoc on your skin by sucking all the moisture out of it, and who has time for sleep these days? If you’re feeling rundown, Renew at the Beach. The automated UMO and Luminous facials reduce the look of fine lines, enhance your appearance, and refresh your face all at the push of a button. UMO Hand Therapy is like a facial for your hands. We put our hands through so much everyday, so this is the perfect treat for them. To get your smile looking it’s best, the LED teeth whitening light reduces discoloration and stains, giving you that movie star smile. Try stepping into a pod in order to get the full body experience. Although they may look like space ships, you’ll only feel out of this world once your session is done. The Hydro Pod gives you a full body steam treatment while the Red Fusion reduces fine lines. The Hydro-Derma Fusion uses heat, steam, and vibrating massage to fully relax the body while immersing your sense of smell and sight with colored LED lights and aromatherapy scents while cool facial air keeps you from getting uncomfortable. There’s also the PB Redlight. Developed by NASA, Redlight is gaining popularity in spas around the country. Ask the specialists at Planet Beach about all the benefits of Redlight.

True beauty comes from inside. At Planet Beach, you’ll find a line of vitamins, detoxifying programs, and even meal replacement shakes for when you’re on the go. There’s also a full line of body, face, and UV therapy products so you can get that spa feel at home. Cleansers, exfoliators, creams, lotions, and more are all available for you to take home as well as tanning lotion, bronzers, and body wrap kits. Planet Beach truly has it all, and lets you get in and out quickly. Many men and women stop in for a quick treatment on their lunch break. So feel like you’ve just had a trip to the beach, because you have. Planet Beach that is!


Planet Beach- A Scottsdale One Feature

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