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Bronzmopolitan is the place to go in the Valley of the Sun where tanning is more than just something else to check off your list. Because getting your tan should never be an errand, this tanning salon lets you get that perfect sunkissed glow while relaxing with your friends. There’s more than enough time to do whatever you need to in this energizing, clean, and welcoming environment. You’re never going to feel rushed or hurried around. Bronzmopolitan invites all tanners to hang out both before, and after tanning in their semi private lounge.

Local entrepreneur Bethany Tuvene came up with the idea for Bronzmopolitan along with her husband. She had worked her way through college at a spray tan place and really enjoyed making people feel good about themselves. After joining corporate America for a short time, she realized what her true calling was, and began to flesh out her ideas for a tanning salon. When thinking about the kind of place she’d like her dream to become, she realized that no tanning salons serve drinks. Some hair salons and blow dry bars already embrace this practice, but no one had thought to move it to the tanning world. Centered around bar and alcohol names, Bethany decided this was the fun twist she needed. Thus, the name Bronzmopolitan was born, and a whole different style of tanning has emerged.

When booking your tan at Bronzmopolitan either by phone or on their website, you have two options to choose from. There’s the Evolv Sunless airbrush tan, and the Pura Sunless tanning booth. Depending on what you want to get out of your tan, and how fast you’d like it to go, there are definite advantages to both. Bronzmopolitan is the only tanning salon in Arizona to offer the Pura Sunless Spray Tan Booth. This method of tanning is most popular with the men because it’s fast. In just a few minutes, you can look like you spent a week in Jamaica! This is a great option if you’re on the go, and want to stop in during your lunch break. The other option is Evolv airbrush. This Evolv system is the only one of its kind in Scottsdale. It’s the latest technology taking only a few minutes more, and leaving you glowing. Manually applied by one of Bronzmopolitan’s tan artists, Evolv incorporates heated air so you never feel wet or cold during the experience. The best part about the warm air is that your tan dries faster, allowing you to relax. Add-ons are also available to be added to your tan. Choose from scents like tea tree, coconut lime, or desert blossom, or choose a tan accelerator which allows your tan to develop faster, or get even darker depending on which you want. When thinking about the type of tanning she’d offer, Bethany decided against the traditional UV tanning beds. She wanted her customers to be able to avoid getting burned, and not worry about premature aging. Sunless tanning is moving toward the future of looking bronzed, and this is why she keeps only state of the art equipment in her salon.

Open six days a week, Bethany wanted Bronzmopolitan to be a place where both men and women could come together in groups. After work, it’s the perfect happy hour spot. Not only can you and your friends have a drink after work, now you can get a tan at the same time! It’s a great idea for bridal parties or co workers, and even makes a fun date night. V.I.P. After Parties are available as well if you’d like the whole place to yourself for a few hours. Personalized tans, unlimited drinks, and complete privacy. What could be better? Every tan comes with a drink of your choosing. Choices include bottled beer, Shock Top on draft, red and white wine, champagne, and pre mixed bottled drinks like Bacardi Mojito. After you finish that drink, more is available for purchase. If you’re on your lunch break or under 21, non alcoholic options like juice (perfect for a mimosa!), cucumber water, soda, and lemonade are available.

It sounded like so much fun; I had to try it myself. The whole experience was amazing. When entering the salon, I was greeted right away by Bethany, and shown around. Bronzmopolitan is clean, bright, and airy. I instantly felt relaxed and energized at the same time. Upbeat music plays over the intercom. I was asked about my skin tone so the perfect solution could be mixed for me. I was shown to a dressing room with a silky robe for me to wear, and a Bronzmopolitan tote to store my clothing. I was given a key to a locker to stow my clothing and purse in during my tan. I opted for the Evolv airbrush system. This was my first time ever getting an airbrush tan and the experience was relaxing, and the warm air felt really good on my skin. Afterwards, I was invited to relax in the lounge where there are chairs and tables, magazines, a TV, cucumber water, and light snacks. This is the perfect place to unwind with your friends over a couple of drinks. The guys can get in on the action with a great tan, and watch sports on the TV with a few beers afterwards, or the ladies can sip mimosas while catching up on girl talk.

So how did it turn out? All I have to say is that my tan is amazing! It looks completely natural, and like I’ve been out at the pool every day this season. I asked Bethany what she’d tell someone who is afraid of looking orange. She told me that spray tanning has come a long way since it started. It’s no longer a “one skin tone fits all” idea. Depending on whether you naturally tan or burn in the sun, Bethany mixes a solution perfect for your skin tone so that you can look either golden, or brown depending on how you naturally react to the sun. Most of the spray now has a pink undertone rather than an orange one giving it the most natural look possible. Additional products are also available to help you condition your skin both before and after your tan. The vitamin D infused SunlessPro collection is available for purchase at the salon.

For now, North Scottsdale is the only place to find Bronzmopolitan. It’s conveniently located right off the 101 highway at Frank Lloyd Wright. In the future, Bethany would like to add more locations in Chandler, as well as California, New York, Miami and Las Vegas. So stop in to the salon anytime Monday through Saturday to get your customized tan. You, your friends, and your significant other will love the experience.

 Bronzmopolitan- A Scottsdale One Feature

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