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Imagine being chauffeured straight from your home or office in a Lamborghini to a posh Scottsdale resort where you’ll be pampered with spa treatments, socialize with the other guests, be entertained by your favorite shows, and have dinner served to you each night in a shiny bowl. If you’re a Distinguished/Dog, that’s the exact kind of treatment you can expect at D Pet Hotel Scottsdale. We all know that our dogs are more than just pets. They’re part of our families. While you’re away on vacation, you can make sure your furry family member will get only the very best at this posh dog hotel.

Before checking in, you’ll want to set up a tour of the hotel and make sure your dog is up to date on their vaccinations. All dogs are welcome whether big, small, intact males, or even females in heat. When it’s time for your pooch to check in, you can bring them in yourselves, or choose the chauffeur service. What dog doesn’t like to go bye-bye in the car? D will pick them up from your home or office in style in your choice of a Lamborghini, Audi, Porsche, or Bentley, and bring them to the hotel.

While you relax and have fun on your vacation, you can be sure your Distinguished/Dog will be doing the same thing. Every dog is given a temperament evaluation to make sure that they play nice, and then they are taken to an indoor playground made especially for them. There’s no shortage of toys to play with and even on in the 4000 square feet of space, and the interaction with other dogs makes the time spent even more stimulating. There are also outdoor dog parks that the staff will take them to. No need to worry about safety, females in heat are only ever allowed with other female dogs, and intact males are given extra play time as they have the most energy to burn. You can be sure your dog is having good, clean fun as the hotel is air conditioned featuring seven separate air exchange systems, which cycles the hotel’s air every 10 minutes to reduce contaminates and airborne illnesses. The entire play area is cleaned with a solution used in veterinary hospitals to kill any bacteria or germs that could spread, and downtempo music plays softly in the background to give a peaceful vibe to the place.

When it’s time to eat, your dog will get his or her favorite every day. D Pet Hotels recommends that you bring a supply of your dogs regular food to keep their tummies happy whether it be dry kibbles or the moist variety. If you run out, you can authorize one of our staff to make a run to the pet store for more. If you’d like the hotel to take care of it, it’s no problem. The boutique at D carries great organic dog food and snacks along with designer collars, leashes, clothing, and skin and fur care products.

Want your dog to be pampered and look extra special when you come to pick them up? No problem. At D Pet Hotel, the Spa and Wellness Center is there to take care of your four legged friend’s every need. Your Distinguished/Dog can be completely spoiled by the grooming staff who will cater to them with anesthesia free teeth cleaning, baths, massages, reiki, and a pawdicure with buffed nails or polish. For more intensive treatments, have your baby groomed including a cut, color, style, and blowout, and then have them try the D-Wrap which is a detoxifying thermal wrap which will leave your dogs skin and fur clean and rejuvenated.

When it’s time for all the doggies to have a good night’s sleep, comfort and style await. All suites come with a flat screen TV with DVD player. There’s a wide selection of dog friendly programming. Whether they like 101 Dalmatians, Lassie, or the D Pet Hotels own soap opera Highland Avenue (a soap opera starring dogs) they’ll feel right at home. Choose from a Standard Suite with doggie bed, a Sensational Suite with human sized twin bed and modern décor, or the Uber Suite with a human sized queen bed and modern décor. So while you’re out of town, don’t drop your dog at a kennel, take them to D Pet Hotels where they can enjoy the five star treatment just like you. Next to your arms, it will be their favorite place!

D Pet Hotels- A Scottsdale One Feature

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