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When you’re ready for an upscale time far away from stuffy, the White Chocolate Grill Scottsdale (WCG) is the place to go. This sleek, modern restaurant located right off the 101 Loop is just the place to hit the spot. WCG may seem like only fine dining at first, but it is versatile enough to be frequented for a quick lunch, corporate meeting, happy hour, or even just desserts and coffee.

Upon walking into WCG, you’re greeted by a happy hostess who will recommend that you have a seat at the bar if you’re waiting to be seated or waiting on your party, and it’s easy to see why. The bar is far and away unique from any other. There is a plush seating area, so it’s large, but intimate at the same time. No bit of class is spared even in the bar area. When you look at the bar itself, there is a tower of beverages. Every bottle of alcohol takes up the entire back wall of the bar. The bottles are backlit making it as beautiful as it is tasty. Have a nicely upholstered seat at the bar, and your bartender will make you anything you want from a simple glass of wine to a handcrafted cocktail.

When your table is ready, the hostess will escort you to your seat. The romantic lighting and way the booths and tables are arranged make you feel as if you’re the only one there until you look around and realize that the restaurant is usually packed. Half the restaurant is by the grill. WCG’s kitchen faces the dining room, so you can catch glimpses of the chefs preparing the wonderful food that you’re about to enjoy. The kitchen always appears clean, efficient, and sometimes on fire. Certain dishes are prepared flambe, so occasionally, a flash of controlled flames will rise which is both entertaining and exciting.

When your server brings your food, it’s always beautifully and artfully arranged on the plate so that it’s as nice for your eyes to look at as it is for your mouth to taste it. Everything served at the White Chocolate Grill is just a little out of the ordinary which translates to outstanding. For instance, start with a traditional cold shrimp cocktail with regular cocktail sauce, and jalapeno sauce as well. For a warm starter, why not try the tomato gin soup? This unusual soup includes mushrooms and bacon, and like the name says, is topped with Tanqueray Gin. For entrees, you have a wide variety to choose from. Everything from citrus-soy glazed salmon to steaks to chicken and ribs are available here. Open everyday at 11am, a salad, sandwich, or burger for lunch is simply divine. The burgers are cooked with a nice sear on the outside. The salads like the Miami Beach Shrimp and Famous Chicken are easy to see how they got their names. Even the side dishes are unique here with options like Israeli CousCous and Mardi Gras Rice. If you have allergies, WCG is happy to accommodate your dining needs and preferences. There is a whole selection of gluten free options to choose from. The name of the restaurant should have you dreaming of dessert right from the beginning. Most of the desserts are large enough for two to share, or maybe you can just take some home for yourself. Like the name implies, many of the desserts have a white chocolate base. From the raspberry cheesecake to the brownie and bread pudding, almost everything incorporates the sweet white smoothness.

The website touts an honest American dining experience, and you can be sure to get that and leave happy. The website is also a great place to purchase a gift card, make a reservation, and view the gallery. WCG also has locations in the Chicago and Denver areas, so if you venture away from Scottsdale, you can be sure to find your favorite restaurant. The home page is bound to whet your appetite with spectacular pictures of their food, it’s always a great time to experience this urban eatery.

The White Chocolate Grill- A Scottsdale One Feature

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