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The story starts in 1927. A woman named Ruth is born in New Orleans. The same day, Chris Steakhouse is opened in the same city. Fast forward to 1965, this LSU grad and single mother mortgages her house to buy the steakhouse that is now up for sale. That same year, the area is ravaged by Hurricane Betsy. With much of the city without power, Ruth knows all the food in her freezer will spoil. She cooks it and uses it in the relief efforts. In 1976, a kitchen fire destroys the building. Ruth is not to be defeated. She opens another restaurant right down the street calling it Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse. That same year, a merchant approaches her wanting to open a franchise. Fast forward to today, Ruth’s Chris has locations all over the world. You can find her name in Hong Kong, Canada, and right here in Scottsdale.

Sadly, after a long battle with cancer, Ruth passed away in 2002. However, her entrepreneurial spirit has lived on in her restaurant. It became a publicly traded company in 2005, and two weeks later, the area was ravaged by another hurricane. Katrina hit the area hard, and the corporate offices relocated to Florida. In 2010, it passed it’s 45th¬†anniversary. Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse is alive and well. A fine place to dine and make memories, it is everything a good steakhouse strives to be. The quality at Ruth’s Chris is unmistakeable, which is why many times, you’ll see USDA Prime stamped on the logo.

Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse Scottsdale¬†serves every meal piping hot. You’ll want to be sure to handle your plate with care as your meal is served on their signature 500 degree Fahrenheit plates. Appetizers here are absolutely delicious. Start out with Barbecued Shrimp or a nice Crabtini. After that, try a soup like the Lobster Bisque or salad like the Sliced Tomato and Onion. Sides at Ruth’s are big enough to share family style. Choose from options like Fresh Asparagus, Sweet Potato Casserole, Baby Spinach, or Baked Potatos. Of course, the best thing here is the steak. If you like, you can have the Stuffed Chicken or you can even create your own vegetarian dish out of three of the side items, but there’s no denying the star of the show here. Every kind of steak is made available from the Petite Filet to the Porterhouse for Two. If you’ve got your heart set on that Lobster Tail or Shrimp, feel free to combine it with your steak. You’ll be glad you did. Dessert here is simply divine. You’ll want to save room for Bread Pudding with Whiskey Sauce, Chocolate Sin Cake, Ice Cream or Sorbet.

The drinks at Ruth’s Chris equal their food. Wines by both the glass and bottle, red or white, are hand selected from around the world. All of the cocktails are made with fresh squeezed juices, and are the vintage type you might have expected to get when Ruth first opened the steakhouse. A relaxed and sophisticated happy hour awaits during Sizzle, Swizzle, and Swirl. Those who like to linger in the bar area will be satisfied with $7 food specials and premium cocktails.

If you find you’re in need of a private room for either a celebration or a meeting, Ruth’s is able to accommodate private parties of all sizes. If this becomes your favorite corporate meeting place, you can join the National Private Dining Partnership Program which gives you access to over 100 U.S. locations. Some of the dining rooms are even equipped with satellite feeds. ESSRX provides high definition broadcast so you can reach your company all over the world if need be. If your meeting or wedding is taking place elsewhere, Ruth’s is happy to cater as well. You’re welcome to set up a menu to meet your needs, and Ruth’s will be happy to set it up wherever you are, and even provide china and silverware if need be. Visit their site where you can buy a gift card, and view special events and wine dinners that are always happening. Ruth’s knows that memories of a meal remain long after it’s been eaten, when it’s eaten here, those memories will be outstanding.

Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse- A Scottsdale One Feature

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