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When you’re ready to step away from the ordinary, look for a little gem in the Scottsdale Seville Shopping Center. Marked by a traditional lantern like the tiny restaurants in Tokyo, the award winning ShinBay brings a taste of Japan to Scottsdale. Highly exclusive, ShinBay has limited seating, so you must make a reservation. This is easy to do either online from their site, or by phone. Reservations are typically made online, but even if a spot does not appear to be available, give them a call, and they may still be able to accommodate you.

Dress to impress as you walk into this oriental oasis in the desert. Spots at the 12 seat chef’s table especially for larger parties are highly coveted. Have a seat there any evening from Wednesday to Sunday starting at 5:30 p.m. and watch Chef Shinji Kurita create some of the most fabulous sushi and Japanese dishes that you’ve ever had. For first time patrons, the $100 or $125 course is recommended. Chef Kurita has his own special way to season the dishes, so unlike other Japanese restaurants, you won’t find any soy sauce or wasabi on the tables. Kurita uses just the right blend of spices which would be overpowered by the use of too much soy or wasabi.

One of the more popular ways to eat at ShinBay is called Omakase style which means “I’ll leave it to you” in Japanese. The Chef’s Tasting Course created in the modern Omakase way takes you through an adventure created by Chef Kurita himself. Using only the freshest seasonal ingredients and fish available, you can return to experience a different adventure several times over a year. Some of the dishes available include Tsukuri (seafood bites), Toubanyaki (table top grill), Mushimono, and Yakimono, the steamed and grilled feature respectively. The staff helps guide you through the experience as some tastes can be purchased a la carte. This is much more than makizushi (roll sushi) which is not even served here.

Delightful, intimate, creative, and inspiring are all words you will feel while dining at ShinBay. Come in for a lovely dinner you’ll remember for a very long time. Bring your camera if you wish as you’re unlikely to find a meal this fresh outside of the coastal states. ShinBay is the best, most authentic Japanese food you could wish for without having to leave your shoes at the door.

ShinBay- A Scottsdale One Feature

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