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If you’re tired of the same ol’ same ol’, take an evening to stop by Posh Improvisational Cuisine in Scottsdale where the menu created nightly by Chef Joshua Hebert is completely at his skilled whim. The dictionary defines improvisation as “to compose, utter, execute, or arrange anything extemporaneously.” In the case of Posh, that anything is food. More specifically exclusive and surprising tastes such as Bison Oxtail, Wild Boar Bacon, and Kangaroo. There are also more well known ingredients like salmon, clams, and Kobe Beef, but it’s always changing!

Dress appropriately, and step into Posh for an evening you’re not soon to forget. Don’t worry about what you’ll be eating that evening, as only the chef knows. A native of Scottsdale, chef and owner Joshua Hebert began his career at Tarbell’s in Phoenix, moved on to new adventures in San Francisco and Tokyo, then returned to the Sonoran Desert to open Posh.

The best area to sit in this posh establishment is at the chef’s dining counter. Rather than just a place to sip a hand crafted cocktail, it’s more like a sushi bar in the sense that the kitchen is fully visible so you can see your surprising bites created. No need to worry about being served things you’re not fond of. After you take a seat, you are handed a menu showing the featured ingredients of the night. You are then asked to cross out anything you dislike, indicate how done you like your meat and seafood, and list any allergies or dietary limitations you may have. Then the fun begins. You may choose between a five course, to full tasting experience.

You may choose to add the wine option to your meal which I would recommend. Their wine list is quite expansive with reds, whites, and sparkling wines. The sommelier is happy to make recommendations, and explain more rare selections like an Italian white made from the Kerner grape, a varietal many Americans have never heard of. Then, there’s always the “say stop” option in which Hebert will continue to delight you with his creations until you’ve had enough. You’ll never have a question about what you’re sampling as Hebert and your sommelier will explain every delicious detail.

Make this your weekday celebration as Posh is only open Tuesday through Saturday starting at 5 p.m. Parking is in a cool underground garage perfect for Scottsdale’s hot months when temperatures can be up to 100 degrees even at night. Just when you think you’ve seen it all and tried everything Scottsdale has to offer, along comes the unexpected Posh to really spice up your life. You could go here every night and never eat the same thing, so grab some friends, or your date, reserve a table on the site and get ready for the most unique, unforgettable evening you’ll experience.

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     Posh Improvisational Cuisine- A Scottsdale One Feature

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