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In the past few years, the hottest thing in pastries has been the cupcake. Almost overnight, cupcake shops seem to have popped up everywhere, and why not? Cupcakes are portable, a delicious treat, and a good alternative to eating the entire cake! Enter Linda Schneider. Linda owns and operates a bakery by the name of 21 Cakes in Scottsdale. Although the cupcakes are the best you’ve ever had, there are other options. She and her team can make you almost any cake you can imagine from the zany and creative, to holiday cakes, and elegant wedding cakes.

Perhaps one of the most unusual of her delicious creations are the colorful Parisian Macarons. These fine little cakes come in almost any color you can imagine, and delight the senses. What are they? The website calls them “a colorful French confection characterized by a thin crispy shell, chewy inside and a light creamy filling.” No need for secret recipes, 21 Cakes offers classes on making the little delights. If you’d rather just eat them, they are made from scratch by Linda Tuesdays through Saturdays.

Linda grew up with a love of baking from her childhood. Mixing alongside her mother and grandmother, they would create wonderful desserts all day. When she was old enough, Linda attended culinary school and then received private, one on one instruction by a former pastry chef from the Willard Hotel in Washington, D.C. She started 21 Cakes as a wholesale business, but transitioned it into the retail business it is today in north Scottsdale. So how did the shop get it’s name? Linda is a big fan of art deco from the era of the roaring twenties. In her research, she came across the 21 Club in New York City which was a popular nightclub of it’s time, and thus the bakery name was born.

There’s always something new to sample at 21 Cakes. The bakery features five flavors constant throughout the year from red velvet with cream cheese to salted caramel, vanilla, vanilla with chocolate buttercream, and signature chocolate with vanilla buttercream. After that, anything goes with it’s wide selection of flavors based on whims, and seasonal favorites like peanut butter and jelly, pumpkin, or cococarmelat! Feel free to sit in the cafe while enjoying her creations or take some home to eat later!

Always ready for a party or holiday, be sure to contact 21 Cakes to make your next holiday or birthday pastry. From traditional to comical to elegant, any kind of get together you’re having these cakes will fit right in. If a whole cake isn’t your style, they can also do cupcake towers and Parisian Macaron towers in any color to fit the occasion. Utilizing fun decorative accents like edible glitter and gold leaf, it’s sure to be a great conversation piece as well as a tasty treat.

21 Cakes’ mission is to entice you to have the best cupcake you’ve ever had. It is definitely a mission possible with Linda and her team. No one else in the valley compares to these fine pastries and fine people. But don’t take our word for it, take a little trip out to Scottsdale Road and Indian Bend and taste for yourself.

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